Winters is a location in Earthbound. It's exact location is not known because the characters either fly or Teleport to the area.


[edit] Areas of Importance

Snow Wood Boarding House (Jeff and Tony attend this school)
Tessie Lake (The Tessie-watching club watch for the sea serpent Tessie here)
Brick Road's maze (Jeff traverses this maze when he heads to Dr. Andonuts' lab)
Cave (The fourth sanctuary is in this cave, guarded by a Shrooom!)
Stonehenge (Cavemen are found here. A hole in the ground leads to the Stonehenge Base)
Dr. Andonuts' lab (Dr. Andonuts and his caveman assistant reside here.

There is also a shop outside the school, where the Bubble Monkey is found.

[edit] Monsters in the Area

Runaway Dog
Spiteful Crow
Gruff Goat
Rowdy Mouse
Mad Duck
Worthless Protoplasm
Attack Slug
Struttin' Evil Mushroom
Might Bear Seven

[edit] Later in the Game

Whirling Robo
Lesser Mook
Military Octobot
Wooly Shambler

[edit] Boss


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