Tenda Village

Tenda Village is a location in Earthbound. It is found at the far end of Deep Darkness and leads to Lumine Hall.

[edit] Location

Tenda Village is past all the swamps in Deep Darkness. It is a rocky cave with about a dozen small green people inside. These are the Tendas. At first they are shy, but once Ness shows them the book Overcoming Shyness gotten from the Onett Library, they are able to talk normally, and help out the team by offering them shelter and selling them items.

[edit] Areas of importance

Tenda Village has a phone for calling anyone you have registered. There is also a garbage can where you can find the Death Ray, a weapon for Jeff Andonuts. There is a hot spring similar to that of the Saturn Valley, and an inn where the team can sleep for free. After showing the race the book "Overcoming Shyness", much more is offered in the area. A Tenda sells the player valuable items in exchange for Horns of Life. In the bottom-center of the area, a cup of tea can be drank for a message. In the bottom-left corner, a Tenda lifts the rock that leads to Lumine Hall. The player only needs to come here twice, and both can be exceptionally short visits.

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