Teleport is a PSI spell that appears in Mother 1 and Mother 2.

[edit] Use

Teleport does exactly what it's name implies: It teleports the user to a location that has been visited.

[edit] Mother 1

Both Ninten and Ana are able to learn Teleport. They learn it after telepathically communicating with a baby. It costs 2 PP and is able to transport the team to any town they have visited.

[edit] Mother 2

Ness and Poo learn Teleport. Poo is a master of it, learning both forms at a very early level. Ness learns the beta form of Teleport at level 80.

The alpha form requires the team to run in a straight line for the teleportation to work. Ness learns it from a monkey, while Poo learns it after his training. The direction can be changed anytime, but if you run into something, you will lose the PP, and the group will appear electrified.

The beta form is easier. Ness learns it at level 80, or after he defeats his Nightmare in Magicant. Poo learns it after his training. This form is much simpler. The team has to run in a circle, which takes less space then the alpha form. It is also called the "Tornado Teleport". It is useful for teleporting away from cramped spaces, such as outside Tenda Village.

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