Tazmily Village

Tazmily Village 3 Years Later
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[edit] Overview

Tazmilly Village, (Or "Tatsumairi" as it is referred to in Japan) is the home of some of the happiest people on the planet. All they cared about were there friends, family, nature and the community. It is also home to Flint and Hinawa, along with their children, Lucas, Claus, and their faithful dog, Boney. But terror struck town as the Sunshine Forest burst into flames because of the mysterious Pigmask Army. After the Pigmasks arrived, the whole town changed forever.

[edit] The Original Tazmilly

When Lucas was young, Tazmilly was a rather small town by the beach, south of which is Tane Tane Island, north of Tazmilly, was the Drago Plateau, Fire Mountain, Snowcap Mountain, Osohe Castle, and the Sunshine Forest. There were no cars, and no form of currency, the locals didn't even know what "money" was. There was a Tazmily Prison, that was never used until Flint attacked some of the townspeople.

[edit] Three Years Later

After Kumatora and Salsa escaped the Sunshine Forest safely, 3 years have passed. Duster has disappeared, the town has drastically transformed, now using cars, money (Called Dragon Power), the town mysteriously being struck by lightning every day, and worst of all, the Pigmasks and Fassad are back, claiming that they have turned over a new leaf, and persuading others to join the group. The occasional lightning strikes have burned down Alec's log house, Nippolyte's shack and Flint's barn. While Osohe Castle remains the same, a train track has been developed and the Pigmask's territory have increased drastically.

After some time, People around the Village started Decreasing, Moving to the infamous New Pork City, The lightning strikes was discovered to be Fassad's doing.

[edit] Locals

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