Tane Tane Island

Tane Tane Island

Tane Tane Island is an island on the Nowhere Islands that has an item called Tane Tane Shrooms. When eaten, they cause crazy hallucinations, though you get fully healed.

[edit] Monsters

This island has scary monsters. Before you are cured of the Tane Tane Shroom's Effect, you will see monsters that look like old characters, And a Trash pit will look like a hot spring. When you battle them, it will become an Eerie Smile, which when taken enough damage, will show you its original form. While chasing after the Needle, you will also find Unwelcome Gusts, which is a play on the saying Unwelcome Guests, and a few other monsters that have already been seen on this journey, and can be easily taken down. The Boss here is the Barrier Trio, which is 3 monsters guarding one of the Seven Needles while using PK Fire. They are strong and take a lot of work to get rid of, but Defense Down can usually take them out quickly. Unfortunately, they are able to use PK Starstorm, although this happens only once. It is possible to survive it, provided you have enough HP. This is also only used at the end of the battle. You will take Mortal Damage, but if you are fast enough with the buttons, it will be fine. You can stop it. Most people will probably be dead by now, but you should survive.

A strange occurrence happens here, Are dogs Immune to these Hallucinations? Boney isn't affected by the hallucinations, And because of that he will not use the "Hot Spring" Until after your cured.

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