Talk:Tazmilly Village

I just noticed a slight problem. The town's original name is Tazmily Village, not Tazmilly Village

I noticed the same thing. I was doing something at the time, so yeah. - Karis

[edit] Fixed

Alright. It's fixed now. ~ Karis

    Thanks for doing what I had been in the middle of doing. >:| ~ Lukaeu

[edit] Sorry

I never knew it had 1 "L". -Remino52

    Same here until I checked the game tbs, when I was making the mother 3 page. ~Lukaeu

[edit] Not to Mention

In japanese it's translated as Tatsumari, and The Forest is called the Telly Forest. ;) ~Flippy

    Really? I didn't know that. =P So; Tasumari = Tazmily Village : Sunshine Forest = Telly Forest? ~Lukaeu

I know, didn't I mention that? -Remino52