Talah Rama

Talah Rama is an NPC in Earthbound. He only appears once in the storyline.

[edit] Appearance

Talah Rama wears white clothing, mostly a turban and a robe. He resides in the Monkey Cave with the Teleporting Monkey.

[edit] Appearance in Games

Talah Rama appears after a Teleporting monkey appears and tells Ness and Jeff Andonuts that Talah Rama is waiting for them. The duo decide to go to the desert, as a result. After giving the monkeys in the cave a few items, Ness and Jeff meet the Master. He tells them that Ness, Paula Polestar, Jeff Andonuts and Prince Poo are the four chosen ones whos destiny is to defeat Giygas. He gives the duo the Gourmet Yogurt Dispenser that was lost by Escargo Express' neglected class. After that, he asks if Ness wishes to learn Teleport. He agrees and tells them to speak to the monkey. He also allows the duo to take the items in his room.

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