Starmen are infamous characters that appear in Mother 1 and Mother 2. They are PSI users and are the rank and file soldiers under Giygas's command.


[edit] Appearances

[edit] Mother

A Starman Jr. serves as a boss in Mother, appearing at the Zoo Superindentant's Office

[edit] Mother 2

The first one you encounter is Starman Jr. who warped in front of your house to find and eliminate Buzz Buzz and you if necessary but thanks to Buzz Buzz's Powerful PSI abilities you survive the battle. Afterwards they are just random enemies to fight at Giygas' many sinister laboratories and lair.

There are many different forms. The basic Starman isn't a pushover but not much of a threat compared to its brethren. The Starman Super drops the ultimate weapon for Poo, called the Sword of Kings, and it calls for assistance from other Starmen as well, along with using a Psychic Power Shield.

The Starman DX is the boss of Stonehenge Base. From this point forward, PP investment in PSI Shields is a must, as all Starmen from this point forward use PSI Attacks, namely the very powerful PSI Starstorm. Additionally, the Starman DX can call for help from other Starman and Starman Super, and can revive one using Healing Omega. It also starts the battle with a Psychic Power Shield and can create one as well.

The Ghost of Starman drops the Goddess Ribbon on rare occasions, but it is a dangerous foe because it uses Starstorm Alpha right off the bat, then enters a countdown before unleashing Starstorm Omega. Don't be surprised if Lifeup has to be used during or after battling these guys in Onett and the Cave of the Past.

The Final Starman is the last in the line and the strongest of the group. It is also capable of using Starstorm, along with other powerful attacks. Paired with a Ghost of Starman, usage of a Psychic Shield becomes mandatory for survival purposes.

[edit] Other Appearances

Starman has appeared as a trophy in the Super Smash Bros series starting with Super Smash Bros Melee. More recently, Starman appears as an enemy in Super Smash Bros 3DS' Smash Run mode. Here, it shoots a beam that paralyzes the player if it hits.

[edit] Enemy Statistics

[edit] Mother

  • Starman Jr.
    • Location: Zookeeper Superintendent's Office
    • HP: 52
    • PP: 16
    • Offense: 32
    • Defense: 52
    • Fight: 35
    • Force: 30
    • Speed: 35
    • Strength: 18
    • Wisdom: 20
    • Exp.: 30
    • Money: $5
    • Item: None
  • Starman

Locations: Spookane/Mislay Triangle; Yucca Desert; Youngtown; The Swamp; Ellay; Mt Itoi: Base
HP: 80
PP: 50
Offense: 45
Defense: 80
Fight: 30
Force: 35
Speed: 40
Strength: 40
Wisdom: 60
Exp.: 165
Money: $68
Item: PSI Stone

  • Blue Starman

Location: Mt. Itoi: Caves
HP: 100
PP: 80
Offense: 74
Defense: 120
Fight: 40
Force: 45
Speed: 42
Strength: 50
Wisdom: 60
Exp.: 150
Money: $91
Item: None

  • Last Starman

Location: Mt. Itoi: Peak
HP: 120
PP: 100
Offense: 90
Defense: 140
Fight: 70
Force: 50
Speed: 60
Strength: 80
Wisdom: 60
Exp.: 330
Money: $389
Item: PSI Stone

[edit] Earthbound

  • Starman Jr.

Location: Onett (Intro)
HP: 200
PP: 999
Offense: 11
Defense: 10
Speed: 1
Guts: 0
Exp.: 16
Money: $20
Item: None

  • Starman

Location: Stonehenge Base
HP: 545
PP: 155
Offense: 103
Defense: 126
Speed: 24
Guts: 25
Exp.: 23396
Money: $720
Item: Brain Food Lunch (Extremely Rare)

  • Starman Super

Location: Stonehenge Base
HP: 568
PP: 310
Offense: 112
Defense: 129
Speed: 24
Guts: 25
EXP: 30145
Money: $735
Item: Sword of Kings (Extremely Rare)

  • Starman Deluxe

Location: Stonehenge Base (Boss)
HP: 1400
PP: 418
Offense: 143
Defense: 186
Speed: 27
Guts: 43
EXP: 160524
Money: $3287
Item: None

  • Ghost of Starman

Locations: Onett (after clearing Magicant and revisiting Saturn Valley; Cave of the Past)
HP: 750
PP: 462
Offense: 152
Defense: 170
Speed: 46
Guts: 43
EXP: 48695
Money: $807
Item: Goddess Ribbon (Exremely Rare)

  • Final Starman

Location: Cave of the Past
HP: 840
PP: 860
Offense: 178
Defense: 187
Speed: 47
Guts: 25
EXP: 61929
Money: $915
Item: PSI Caramel (Approximately one out of every 32)

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