The Sharks are a group of people led by Frank. The base that they are all located in is in the center part of Onett. It is also known as GAME, the arcade in Earthbound. They are just a group of people used to terrorize the citizens of Onett, and play no real role in the game.

[edit] Leader

Their leader, Frank, is a tough talker. He's pretty easy to take out, and by that I mean he has low defense, he doesn't hit very hard (except for one move), and can be beaten in about 7 hits without any weapon. He wears a Red Suit with a Blonde Mohawk, and is a major pushover. He has a robot who thinks highly of him because he is NAMED after him, and will fight you. This one is actually strong though. He has high defense, so it might take a while to get rid of him, but he shouldn't be a problem if you are ready. Frank is located in the backyard of GAME. He doesn't appear in this game ever again, but he will always be here to help heal you. He'll also tell you about how strong you have become, and he wishes he could be like you.

[edit] Appearance

The Sharks have many different looks. There overworld sprites look exactly the same, except for Frank's. They all wear a black Shark Costume with little goggles. The Battle Sprites look a lot different though. There are skateboarders and Pogo Riders, and sometimes just a normal Shark. But, the keep the Shark style a little bit by wearing their goggles. They usually will have a striped shirt, then overalls, then all of the extra stuff as well. These are usually tougher than Frank and his robot put together.

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