Seven Needles

The Seven Needles hold the Dark Dragon underground, and are binded with the Magypsies. When they get pulled by someone with PK Love, the Magypsies that has their soul binded with them will permanantly disappear from this world. But, the Magypsies are ready to disappear, so they want the Needle pulled soon.

[edit] Purpose

The Seven Needles appear in Mother 3, and have only appeared in Mother 3. There is a race for the Seven Needles as well. Lucas and the Masked Man are both trying to get these. The way that the Dark Dragon is released depends on who pulls the Needles, a person with a pure heart, or a person with a soul full of darkness. If a person with a Pure Heart pulls the Seven Needles, the world will be reformed into a perfect world, but if a person with a Dark Soul pulls them, the world will be completely destroyed.

The Magypsys and the Needles they guard are as follows:

Aeolia: Belly Button Needle.

Doria: Heart Needle.

Lydia: Left hand Needle.

Phrygia: Right hand Needle.

Mixolydia: Right foot Needle.

Ionia: Left foot Needle.

Locria: Head Needle.

[edit] What Happens

Spoiler: Armageddon

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