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Place of BirthUnknown
FamilySamba (Girlfriend), Fassad (Forced master).
Abilities/SkillsMonkey Tricks
Appears inMother 3

Salsa is a protagonist of Mother 3. He is a monkey who was captured by a mysterious man called Fassad and forced to cooperate to free his girlfriend Samba from their evil clutches. Fassad has also forced Salsa to wear a Punisher, a collar, which will shock him at the push of a remote control button. This can be used to an advantage, as it cures certain status ailments for 1 point of HP.

Salsa's name in Japanese is Sarusa, a pun on the Japanese word for Monkey which is Saru.

[edit] Stats & Skills

Salsa's Stats is very low except for his speed, which surpasses Boney's. Salsa has no PSI but has four skills like Flint. They are: Apologize, Make Laugh, Dance and Monkey Mimic.

Apologize has a small success rate, but if it works the enemy will cease attack permanently.
Make Laugh has a better success rate but only stalls the enemy for 2-3 turns.
Dance will slightly increase a random stat of a party member (Speed is boosted in insane amounts) decrease an enemy's random stat, or stall the enemy for a few turns.
Monkey Mimic is his strongest skill. It makes Salsa go into a stance and attacks the enemy with any attack that hits him for the same damage as the original attack (This will be used a lot to compensate for his low attack power). This skill can make him do crazy things like spray his digestive fluids or "fire his cannon".

Salsa is unique to Chapter 3 and makes a small re-appearance in Chapter 7.

Salsa is the only character (besides Wess, who mastered "Open Sesame Oil") who has mastered the Osohe Dance "Open Sesame Tofu".

He is a big reference to the Bubble Monkey in Earthbound, since there are many similarities:
They are Monkeys, They have girlfriends,They have inflated cheeks,They do very little damage.
Their differences are that Salsa is a fully playable character while Bubble Monkey is a guest character.

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