Porky Statue

The Porky Statue is a big bust of Porky located out of your way in New Pork City. This is also titled the Strongest Statue Alive, but the man next to it says that it is not alive, no statue can be alive. But later, after you beat Miracle Fassad in the Sewers, revisit the statue. Here you will be able to talk to it and fight it. Thing is, this battle WILL take a long time without a New Years Eve Bomb.

[edit] Appearances

This Statue appears in Mother 3, and the background of Super Smash Bros. Brawl's New Pork City. It has no major role in the SSBB Game though. It looks like a huge Pokey Minch, who is Porky in his younger days.

[edit] How to Fight

First, you will need a New Years Eve Bomb. Second, you will have had to have defeated Fassad in the Sewers. Next, you need to go talk to him and Return Hostility. This boss is not very hard. There are two methods to defeat it. One is the New Years Eve Bomb, which involves using the bomb, then attacking, or the PK Flash Method, which takes a little bit longer, but can sometimes cause instant death.

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