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Red Flag.jpg WARNING: Contains Spoilers That May Ruin Your Gameplay

Porky is found in both Mother 2, which is the game that he first appears, and is also one of the main antagonists, and he appears in Mother 3, where he is hidden for a while but is the main antagonist.

When Ness defeats the Happy Happyists, The cult he was supposed to co-lead thanks to Mr. Carpainter, When Ness defeats them, Porky gets angry and joins Giygas. After Giygas is defeated, he time-travels. He stops in the land of Mother 3, severely aged by the effects of time travel. Yet, as he himself said, and as shown on multiple occasions, he is still "The same kid at heart". He starts controlling the mind of many people on the Nowhere Islands, including the Masked Man. You will then have to hunt him down and defeat him. He just wants to awaken the Dark Dragon by using the Masked Man to pull out the Seven Needles so he can destroy the world.


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