Picky is the younger, yet far more mature brother of Porky.

NamePicky Minch
Place of BirthOnett
AgeUnknown (though he is probably around 8-9)
FamilyPorky, Father, Mother
Appears inMother 2

Picky is first mentioned when Porky shows up at Ness' house, begging Ness to help find Picky. He says they were at the site of the recent meteor crashing. Ness goes with Porky to find Picky. Picky is seen hiding behind a tree, scared. After they meet Buzz Buzz, Picky is able to fight with Ness, although he isn't that strong. Also, he is only able to fight as an off-screen character. He does not have any HP, PP, etc., but he can still deal damage. He also does nothing every few turns.

After Picky and Porky are brought home, Picky isn't seen for a while. He stays in front of his bed for most of the game.

At the end of the game, Picky brings Ness a letter from Porky. It taunts Ness to try and find him.

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