Phrygia is the fourth Magypsy to disappear. She is usually seen sleeping, such as when you enter her house near the Fire Mountain.

[edit] Needle

Phrygia's needle, The Right hand needle, Is found in the center of Fire Mountain. While there is usually no guardian, the party faces off against New Fassad before they are able to pull the needle.

[edit] Information

After the Needle is pulled, Phrygia appears and tells the team that there is only three needles left. The needle on Tane Tane Island is guarded by Mixolydia, the Needle in Chupichupyoi Temple is guarded by Ionia, and says that the needle that guards the Dragon's head can't be sensed, nor can Locria, the Magypsy protecting it. She gives Lucas her memento, a razor and lipstick, then disappears.

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