PSI Rockin'

PSI Rockin is Ness' own personal PSI spell. It is a spell exclusive to Ness, as PK Love is to Lucas.

[edit] Use

PSI Rockin is purely a battle spell. It causes damage that increases as Ness gets stronger, and as each new form is unlocked. It has four forms: PSI Rockin α, PSI Rockin β, PSI Rockin γ, and PSI Rockin Ω. PSI Rockin can be named in the beginning of the game. The default name is chosen by Ness' favourite thing. It can be changed to something else, and have a different name. An example could be PSI Love, PSI Magic, PSI Mother, PSI Gaming or something else. The limit is 6 characters.

The PP cost of the more advanced levels is...Tremendous. This is bad for Ness, due to his low amount of PP, although he redeems himself after Magicant

[edit] PSI Cost

PSI Rockin α|10 PP
PSI Rockin β|14 PP
PSI Rockin γ|40 PP
PSI Rockin Ω| 98 PP

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