PSI Magnet

PSI Magnet is a PSI move that is usable in all Mother games. It's main use is to absorb a small amount of PP from a single, or all enemy targets. In Mother 2 and 3, there is an omega form that drains pp from all enemies. There is also a beta form, which only Poo can use. It drains even more PP from a single target. It's the only PSI move that does not require any PP, and can be used when a character has completely run of it.

[edit] Users

Ana (Ana only learns the single form of PSI Magnet)
Paula (Paula learns both the alpha and omega form)
Poo (Poo can utilize the beta form of PSI Magnet)
Kumatora (Kumatora uses both the alpha and omega forms)

[edit] Super Smash Brothers Brawl

In Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Ness and Lucas uses the PSI Magnet for their Down+Bs, both having few differences:

  • Ness:
    • PSI Magnet originates from the center of his body.
    • PSI Magnet absorbs Energy based projectiles and converts it to heal the user, Amount restored depends on the power of the projectile.
    • When released with something in it's radius, It pushes it back with slight knockback although it is kind of useless.
  • Lucas:
    • PSI Magnet originates from an outstreched hand, this seems to only cover the front side of Lucas but in reality he absorbs projectiles from the back as well.
    • PSI Magnet absorbs like Ness', For a Larger amount.
    • Anything in the radius of the magnet when released will be knocked back with slight damage, good sideways knockback and flinches the enemy.
    • When used after firing PK Fire in the opposite direction of where you are going in Mid-air (While still facing the opposite way of where you are going) sends you flying sideways for a decent amount (Does not occur with Ness).
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