PK Love

PK Love is a move known only by Claus and Lucas, and is used to pull out the Seven Needles. It's power is comparable to PSI Rockin. There are four different levels of PK Love: PK Love α, PK Love β, PK Love γ, and PK Love Ω. PK Love α is a default move, and you get the other 3 by pulling out three of the Seven Needles. You can then use them only in battle.

They're powerful and hit all enemies on screen, but their PP cost is high. Alpha takes 10 PP, beta takes 20 PP, gamma takes 35 PP, and omega takes 50 PP, but they can do over 500 points damage.

The only way to get these moves is by pulling the Seven Needles, as mentioned earlier. The same thing happens with the Masked Man. He'll obtain the higher versions of PK Love as he goes along. You'll each pull out 3 of 6 Needles, so you will each have PK Love Ω when you battle each other. Afterwards, the Final Needle does nothing but cause the Armageddon. It gives no new powers to Lucas or the Masked Man, even though, in a way, they both pull it out.

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