The full view of Onett from EarthBound.

Onett is Ness' and Porky's home town. This is also where the Evil Mani Mani Statue first appears, albeit in a resident's house.

Onett is in a tight spot. First, a meteor containing a bug from the future crashes into a hill outside the suburbs of Onett (although only seen by three people who know of the bug's role. Next, a group known as the Sharks is terrorizing the town. The police are busy with the Sharks, and the rode to Twoson is blocked by Onett's famous road blocks (with no slipping between them). Ness first has to deal with the Shark's leader, Frank.

After Frank is defeated, the Sharks do not appear in Onett. Ness also gains access to Giant Step from the Mayor. This allows him to visit his first Your Sanctuary area. Afterwards, a police officer appears and asks Ness to come to the police station. You have no choice, but you can put it off and do something else if you want.

After Ness goes to the station, he asks the Chief if he can go to Twoson. He says yes, provided Ness can defeat five of his best officers. Ness manages to do so (the last one bailing, which makes the chief take his place), and the road to Twoson is open.

Once Ness returns from Magicant, Dr. Andonuts tells Ness he needs a piece of a meteor to make an ore called Zexonyte. When Ness and company go to Onett, they find the town's streets deserted and overrun with powerful enemies, including Ghost of Starman, and other powerful enemies. When the meteor piece of recovered, Ness goes to Saturn Valley to confront Giygas. As with the rest of Eagleland, all enemies disappear when Giygas is defeated.

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