Nowhere Islands

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A Japanese map of the Nowhere Islands

[edit] Overview

The Nowhere Islands is where the story begins and ends (In a way). It's the Eagleland of Mother 3.

According to Leder, after the White Ship took people away from a destroyed world, it landed them here in the Nowhere Islands. The people, with the memory of their past erased, started anew upon the islands.

This is where the places you go in the game is located, except the floating New Pork City, which can only be reached via the floating limo that Porky invites you to come in.

It consists of:
Tazmily Village

Sunshine Forest

Osohe Castle

Mt. Oriander

Drago Plateau

Death Desert

Club Titiboo

Unknown Valley

Pork Bean Highway

Thunder Tower

Sunflower Fields

Chimera Laboratory

Murasaki Forest

Mole Cricket Hole

Snowcap Mountain

Tane Tane Islands

Saturn Valley

Fire Mountain

Argilla Pass

Mt. Chupichupoiyoi

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