Ninten clay.png
Place of BirthPodunk
AgeYoung Teen
FamilyMom&Dad, Mimmie&Minnie (Sisters), George&Maria (Grandparents).
Appears inMother 1

Ninten is the main protagonist of Mother. His name is a pun on Nintendo, and in Japanese his name is possibly "Boku".

He resembles Ness Strongly.

[edit] Life

Ninten is a boy living in the outskirts of Podunk, with his Mother, his sisters Mimmie and Minnie and his Dog. His father is never around but he can always be contacted by phone, and puts money in Ninten's bank account from time to time. This makes him extremely similar to Ness' father. One day an earthquake occurs and his house is possessed by a poltergeist. He stops the possessed belongings and starts an adventure. His only neighbor is Pippi, who seems to have a crush on him. It is unknown whether he pairs with Ana or her.

[edit] Abilities

Ninten can use PSI, a unique ability only a handful of people have. He starts with Telekinesis, allowing him to read people's minds. He also has teleport and 4th-Dimensional Slip, a PSI move that allows a flawless escape. He uses mostly supportive PSI and does not learn a special unique PSI like PSI Rockin or PK Love. Ninten is the 3rd most powerful character. Believe it or not he is not as physically powerful as Teddy and Pippi.

[edit] PSI

Ninten learns only supporting PSI. These include Lifeup, Healing (which is his first PSI to realize it's beta, gamma, and omega form before any other PSI reaches even beta), and Offense Up. His weak attack power could be a reason for not learning any attacking PSI. He is, however, adept at normalizing characters from status effects. He learns his omega form of Healing in his 20s, and learns other party-affecting PSI early. Although he has no attacking PSI, as mentioned earlier, his signature PSI move is 4th D-slip

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