Mr. Carpainter

Mr. Carpainter is a normal man who has been taken over. When he abducts the evil Mani-Mani Statue, it turns him crazy, and he starts to take over Happy-Happy Village. The statue turns everyone into a lover of blue, and then they make the entire town blue. Nobody has any idea they are under any mind control until this is sorted later. The only way to get him free is by having him knocked out with the Franklin Badge, then engaging in a battle with him. If you beat him, he will give you the key to rescue Paula, which he kidnapped. Afterwards, the entire town will turn back to normal.

[edit] Appearances

Mr. Carpainter only appears in Earthbound as a boss. He is not seen again, but the actual boss, the Mani-Mani Statue, is seen again in Magicant. He also appears in Moonside.

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