Mother 3 Walkthrough

[edit] Prologue

When the Prologue starts, Lucas is asleep in his bed at Alec's house. Claus will come running in to try and wake you up. When he does, try to head outside, and Hinawa will tell you that you should change out of your pajamas and into your regular clothes. If you pick No she'll tell you to stay in the house. When you are done changing, go back outside and find that Claus has already started to play with the Drago family. You are ramming into them. The main thing to do here is press the "B" button while at a distance. This will cause you to ram into the Drago. When you are done, talk to Claus, and a Mole Cricket will attack. He is not that hard, so get him done quickly, and continue. You will leave to go get food, and Alec will stay to tell you that you just need to talk to Frogs to save your game. Go back to the house, the 4 will start talking, then Hinawa will go outside. She'll start writing a letter, then will send it to Flint via Carrier Pigeon. A Pigmask Ship will fly overhead afterwards, then a few events will happen, and Chapter 1 will start.

[edit] Chapter 1: Night of the Funeral

After the Prologue is over, a firefighter named Thomas will come and knock on Flint's door telling you that there is a fire in the Sunshine Forest. When you go with him, you'll be stopped saying that you need to get a map from Mapson in the town square. After getting it, go through the Sunshine Forest. You'll be stopped at the Forest Shrine. Go inside and go up the stairs to talk with the wall, just tell it your name. Now, go farther in, and there is a Hot Spring to the left of the first cabin you see. If you'll go deeper in, you'll find Lighter and Fireflies. You have to fight them. Just use the Swing Ability and you'll be fine. Now, you have to go in and find Fuel. Once you find him, go back to the start of the forest, and you'll find Lighter laying on a bed. Good. You've done that part correctly. Now, you'll be moved to the Yado Inn, and will find that somebody is waiting outside for you. He'll give you news that Hinawa and the kids have not returned yet. You go back to your house, and you'll find a letter from her. It scrolls up that page. After the events that follow, you and Boney will go back to the Forest. When you get there, go to the part that the Pigmask Tank was blocking earlier. Go farther in, and you'll find the people. Talk to all of them until an event triggers, then go to the left and talk to all of them until an event triggers. Then try to leave, and Boney will find something. Talk to Wess, the old man, to bring Duster here. Go up the mountain, and you'll have to fight a Reconstructed Caribou. Keep going north to find that their ship is leaving. Go back, and they have found the kids. You'll find out that Hinawa is dead, but Lucas and Claus are fine. After all of the events that follow, you'll wake up in the Tazmily Jail. Claus will come and bring you an "apple" with a nail filer so you can get out. He disappears to go look for his mother's killer. You go and find Alec in the mountains after leaving Tazmily, and he'll take you to the Magypsy house. Here you'll find all of them except Locria. They tell you about Claus, and say he went out for revenge. You go to Drago Plateau. After advancing far enough, you'll run into the Mecha Drago. It's a Drago that has been turned into a robot. Get ready for a tough battle!

[edit] Mecha Drago Battle (Chapter Boss)

-Recommended Level: 15+
-Weapon(s): Stick
-Required Items: Drago Fang

This battle can actually be pretty easy if you've got everything mentioned above. It helps to have Running or Sprinting Bombs, as they can deal quite a bit of damage to it. The Running Bomb will deal around 80, and the Sprinting Bomb will deal around 110. A Thunder Bomb can help you out quite a bit in the battle as well, dealing 113 damage.
Anyways, to start the actual battle, you'll need to use the Drago Fang on your first turn. This will pierce it's skin, allowing you to attack. After you hit it with that, use Flint's ability that raises his attack power. It's also smart to use the one that raises his defense, since the Mecha Drago has a really high attack. Anyways, when you're done with that, start Bashing or Power Smashing. If you have the bombs, throw them. If you don't, use physical attacks. It's recommended that you use Bash, instead of Power Smash, due to it's low accuracy. If you're lucky enough to get even a 3-hit combo on this monster, the battle should be pretty easy. If you can't, you'll still be able to win. Alec has medicinal herbs that he'll give you throughout the battle, but it isn't an unlimited supply, so do your best to bring healing items, such as Beef Jerky. When you kill him, he'll explode, causing mortal damage to Flint. Alec won't heal you this time, so make sure you have at least 30 HP before killing him. You get a large amount of Exp. from this battle.

[edit] Chapter 2: Thief Adventure

After the fire in Sunshine Forest, you start playing as Duster. You travel to Osohe Castle under request from Wess to find a "Legendary Item". You find out that the only way in is through the graveyard. Once you go through the underground tunnel, you will see that the Front Castle Door is locked. After going a little ways in, you'll find a pendant that was dropped by a young girl. After you pick it up, you'll continue, and you'll find the "Legendary Item". To get it however, you have to fight Mr. Passion, a ghost with a "passion" for music...

[edit] Mr. Passion Battle (Chapter Boss I)

-Recommended Level: 14+
-Weapon(s): Any shoes should work
-Required Items: N/A

This battle can actually be pretty easy if you understand how to combo, and how to use the Thief Tools. Start by using Duster's Hypno Pendulum, and Mr. Passion should fall asleep. This will make it easy to find his beat. If you are able to 16-hit combo him, he should lose 100+ HP. If you can keep doing this, he'll go down quickly. Make sure that Duster has good defense however, because one of his attacks will almost always do Mortal Damage if you're not ready. Watch out for that one, and you'll be able to win without any trouble.


By returning it to Wess, he will say that it is not the right item, and go with you too the Castle. On the way there, you will see Pigmasks coming in. When you enter the castle, you will fight a Clayman. He's really strong. When you're finished with him, go until you find the room that you were in earlier. When you reach that area, you will find a hidden door. Wess will start dancing to open the door. You will find Kumatora somewhere before this, so remember that. And then the door will open. Venture in to find the Hummingbird Egg and the Osohe Snake, a boss that you need to defeat to get out of the castle. You'll be washed up on a beach and Tazmily without Duster, so you'll start looking for him. When leaving, you'll run into a mob, and then the chapter will end.

[edit] Chapter 3: The Suspicious Traveling Merchant

Next up will be with the monkey, Salsa. That is his official name. You will start in Deathly Desert, and start traveling with Fassad. An easy way to get through this spot is by beating the Dung Beetles, then talking to Wan Sum Dung. He'll give you 5, 10, or even 50 EXP if you bring him any of the Dung. After getting through the Desert to a white, sphere-like building, you will find a Pork Bean. You will step in and start traveling to Tazmily Village. When you reach that area, you will have to perform for all of the residents. After you are done, and when Kumatora and Wess see you, they will come in the middle of the night to rescue you. Then they will go to Osohe Castle once again. You will then go down and hide. You will escape and enter a fight with a boss, also known as the Pork Tank. Once you defeat this boss, Lucas will come with a Drago to beat Fassad and the Pigmasks. This will end the chapter.

[edit] Chapter 4: Club Titiboo

In the next chapter, which takes place 3 years later, you will finally play as Lucas. This starts the main game, and leads you to Kumatora and Duster after taking Boney with you. While traveling, you will see that Tazmily has completely changed over the past few years. You will do a lot of work, such as part time jobs. Then you will go to Club Titiboo and find the other two. (Kumatora and Duster). Duster will not know who he is, and Kumatora will be disguised, but she will help you get Duster back to his senses and join you. Afterwards, you go and find the Hummingbird Egg, which Duster lost a few years back. You will find it in a junk heap at the Tower of Love, which is near the trash dump, which is where you will find a Clayman holding the Hummingbird Egg.

[edit] Chapter 5: The Tower of Thunder

You will then travel to the Tower of Thunder for Chapter 5. Here you will just walk around until you reach the top. Here you will fight a boss. He's a big blue Pigmask. Big. You met him at the DCMC Concert, and battled him earlier in Chapter 4. Just use your DCMC Items, and you will be just fine. Now, continue on until you get into the sky. Go up, and you will find an area with a little robot named Mrs. Marshmallow. Here there is a Hot Spring, so use it. Now, go examine all of the boxes, except for the one in the north, closest to the door, or you will fight a Joke Box. Go examine the case with a Yo-yo in it, and you will start a battle with Mrs. Marshmallow. Realize that this is optional. If you beat her, you will obtain the Friend's Yo-yo. This is a cameo. Now, go up farther in, and you will get PK Flash automatically. Later on, you will fight Mr. Genetor. He isn't too hard, but he can be strong if you don't know what to do. The main thing to do here is PK Freeze (Beta if you have it) and all of the tools you got in the first room here.

[edit] Chapter 6: Field of Sunflowers

After that, you will start Chapter 6. This is in a Sunflower Field, and is the shortest chapter of the game. Just go run to the left, then back to the right after you see Boney. It's pretty self explanatory.

[edit] Chapter 7: The Seven Needles

This is the longest Chapter in the game, so I will be adding on to this in a slow pace. I'll get as much as I can done at once though.

You'll wake up in the Old People's Home. Alec will stop and talk to you if you leave. Leave the building and talk to the person tied up on the bridge. This is Ionia, the Magypsy. Go back to where you washed up in Chapter 2 with Kumatora and Wess. Go into the Magypsy's house after talking to the boaters. The table in the middle of the room will move. Here it is pretty easy, just follow the road. When you get done, you'll see a bunch of scrolling text and a picture of the Nowhere Islands. You'll find that one of the Seven Needles has been pulled here already, so it is useless to try. A phone that had dropped earlier, the one that is black on the ground, will ring. I'm fairly certain it is a Pigmask Phone. You'll see some words, then go over to Ionia and talk. It will fold up and fly away. Go down the right ladder and continue following the path. This shouldn't be memorized, but you should know a bit of it. You were here as Salsa in Chapter 3. Exit Osohe Castle and proceed to the Chimera Lab west of the train tracks, as the Pigmask told you.

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