Mother 3

Mother 3
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Title Screen of Mother 3
ConsoleGameboy Advance
Release date (JPN)April 20, 2006


[edit] Overview

Mother 3, or Earthbound 2, is the third game of the beloved Mother series. You start out playing the game as Lucas at his grandfather Alec's house where he, his mother Hinawa, and his twin bother Claus are having a short visit. The story is set in the Nowhere Islands, where Lucas's hometown Tazmily Village is located. Tazmily is a small peaceful village were everyone knows each other, but the peace is soon broken when explosions go off in Sunshine Forest causing a forest fire, Tazmily Village was never the same afterward.

[edit] Story

Mother 3 starts out with Claus and Lucas happily playing with the Dragos. The story takes a drastic turn when the Sunshine Forest gets set on fire by strange people in pig masks. The same night, Hinawa, the wife of Flint and mother to Lucas and Claus gets killed by the very same Drago that they were playing with before. Tragedy insures. Soon after Duster is summoned by his father, Wess, to steal the Egg of Light (also known as the Humming Bird Egg). Duster incidentally steals the wrong thing and gets scolded by his father but is then praised after finding a pendent dropped by a mysterious girl. They return together only to see that the castle was overtaken by Pigmasks and also encounter Kumatora, the princess of Oshoe Castle. After finding the Egg of Light Kumatora accidentally triggers the trap and they get sent into the basement. When they awaken Duster is nowhere to be seen.

Inside Death Desert, Fassad, a mysterious peddler, is torturing his "pet", Salsa. Fassad brings Salsa to Tazmily Village, and begins talking about happiness. He orders Salsa to bring four residents Happy Boxes, while only three get delivered. After a call from the Pigmasks, Fassad and Salsa leaves for Osohe Castle. There, Fassad accidentally frees Kumatora, Wess, and Duster, along with the Egg of Light. Fassad and Salsa sleep in their room at the Yado Inn, when Kumatora and Wess free Salsa from her shock collar. Fassad promptly appears, and orders Pigmasks after the trio.

After escaping into the Sunshine Forest, the trio are trapped, and forced to fight a Pork Tank. Once the tank is destroyed, another takes it's place, and hope seems lost for the trio. Fortunately, Lucas arrives with two of the three Dragos seen earlier in the game. One of them, the mate of the Mecha Drago, destroys the Pork Tank and bats away the Pigmasks, as well as headbutting Fassad. Lucas, Kumatora, and Wess make a plan to monitor the Pigmask's trail in Tazmily. Lucas and Wess would do just that, while Kumatora searches for Duster, while keeping Salsa safe.

The story skips ahead 3 years. The town of Tazmily has been transformed into a whole new place by the work of Fassad and the Pigmask Army. Kumatora disguised herself as a waitress named Violet and works at a club called Club Titiboo. Duster lost his memory and became the bassist to a band called DCMC.

The player takes control of Lucas once again as he travels to find Duster at Club Titiboo. On the way they find Kumatora once again and convince Duster to come with them to find the Hummingbird Egg. On the way Lucas is mistaken for the commander of the Pigmask army and they are given free passage to get the egg (which was hidden inside of a clayman). They find the egg in the garbage dump but then are forced into the Thunder Tower.

They make their way to the top and Fassad manages to corner them on top but then slips on his own banana peel. Lucas and co. hitch a ride on the mother porkship but then fall and are separated. Lucas and Boney end up back in Tazmily Town and then find Ionia, a Magypsy and guardian of one of the Needles) who then tells them about the Seven Needles. They then find themselves in a chimera lab of some sort. They find Salsa who then helps them get to Doria’s Needle and meet up with Kumatora once again. After pulling the needle they meet up with a molecricket they fought early in the game who then duels Lucas and co. After being defeated they travel through the molecricket hole and find themselves on a mountain where the third Needle is placed on top of. They are beaten by the Masked Man, however. Afterwards they leave the mountain via a flying refrigerator and make their way to Saturn Valley.

They then free the Mr. Saturns and head up to the volcano to pull the fourth Needle. After being intercepted (and beating) New Fassad they pull the Needle and then descend back to Saturn Valley. The entrance was blown up by Pigmasks so they settle with flying out using a machine relying entirely on bird-power. Of course rope snake slips again and they fall down.

Incidentally they fall in a convenient area and swim through the ocean to TaneTane Island where the 5th needle is found. After being swept up by a whirlpool they are left without items or any PP or HP left and are forced to eat dangerous looking mushrooms. After tripping out they make their way through the forest and are assaulted by numerous hallucinations. They manage to make their way to Mixolydia’s shell and are brought to their senses. They get up to the 5th Needle but instead of pulling the needle the Masked Man pulls it instead after stunning Lucas and co. with a furious lightning strike. Mixolydia gives them a jar of pickles before disappearing to be given to Ionia. They successfully make it there and are given the “Water of Time” to unfreeze the vines blocking the entrance to the temple in which the 6th Needle is kept. They are “almost” stopped by the Masked Man and his lightning but the Franklin Badge deflects the lightning and they engage in combat with him. After defeating them they pull the Needle and Kumatora discovers the ability to use PK Starstorm.

After leaving they are invited by a limousine to fly to New Pork City. They accept and arrive in the city. They enter the theater there and a stinkbug goads Bonkey into jumping down into the sewers. After getting down there they find Leder who was trapped there all along. He tells Lucas the story of the White Ship and how the people that arrived on it escaped the end of the world and in order to prevent that from ever happening again they wiped their own memories. These people were the citizens of Tazmily Village.

Afterwords they make their way up Empire Porky Building. After reaching the top they finally encounter Porky... or so they think. It ends up being a robot that looks like Porky. After being ambushed by many of them they get help from the DCMC who help destroy them all. The true Porky then shows himself and tells them that the last Needle has been found and then drops the elevator to the basement… with Lucas, Flint, Kumatora and Duster on it. After falling over 100 stories they land unscathed and after Flint goes ahead to see what’s up ahead they find out that the Masked Man was Claus all along. He was brainwashed into doing everything he had done. After defeating Porky and his spider-mobile they force Porky into his Absolutely-Safe-Capsule, which is COMPLETELY impenetrable to any attacks. They continue to the last and final needle. They find the Masked man already there and kneeling in front of the needle. The Masked Man initiates combat. Throughout the heartrending battle Hinawa’s ghost comes back to help Claus regain his memories as Lucas’ brother. After he regains his humanity he kills himself in order to free his soul from the tortured body and rejoin his deceased mother.

Lucas then pulls the final Needle and the Dragon awakens.

[edit] Unused Enemies

Anybody remember Giygas from Earthbound? Well, he was supposed to be in this game as a boss, but he got removed due to it being too scary and causing traumatizing images. There were also many other enemies that were not used in this game for various reasons. One was a tree monster.

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[edit] Earthbound 64

This game was originally going to be on the 64DD, but then it was moved to the Nintendo 64. It was under the project title Earthbound 64, instead of Mother 3, at the time. This game was Mother 3 with a few extra scenes, and in 3-D. It was cancelled, then brought back on to the GBA as Mother 3. Earthbound 64 also had a Darker Ending. Lucas had gone so bitter that the world was sent into a total Armageddon, instead of just the half one like in this game. Giygas was also supposed to be in this game, along with a lot of other unused enemies.

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