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Mother 2's Title screen.
Earthbound's Title Screen

Mother 2 is also known as Earthbound. It stars the characters Ness, Paula, Jeff and Poo. Mother 2 was released in Japan on August 27, 1994, and North America on June 1, 1995 under the title "Earthbound". The game was never released in European territories until the Virtual Console re-release. It is for the SNES, and only sold well in Japan. It didn't sell as well anywhere else, but people who bought it thought it was a great RPG.


[edit] Overview

Mother 2 starts on a day that a meteor crashes into the Earth. Ness wakes up, and goes to investigate the meteor. When he gets there, the road is blocked off, so he can't go and see it. He comes back later that night with his neighbor Pokey, who recently noticed that his brother is missing. He takes King, his dog with him. The roads aren't blocked off right now, so you can go look at the meteor. When you get there, you find Pokey's brother, Picky, curled up behind a tree, frightened. You check out the meteor, and find a bug named Buzz Buzz. He is 10 years from the future, and he tells you that he thinks Ness is the chosen hero, and he will go with 2 Boys and 1 Girl to save the world from the evil Giygas, or Giegue in Mother 2.

[edit] Plot

The game starts out with a boy named Ness being woken up by a meteorite which was really a message from Buzz-Buzz, a being from the future bearing a prophecy. The prophecy tells of three boys and one girl saving the world from the evil Giygas. Ness must first find the either sanctuaries and record the eight melodies that will allow him to harness the very power of the earth.

The next day, Ness sets out on an adventure to find the rest of the chosen four and rid the world of Giygas. His first goal was to clear the streets of Onett from the Sharks, a street gang. After finding the first sanctuary Ness continues onto the second town, Twoson.

He soon discovers that a girl named Paula has been kidnapped by a cult in Happy-Happy Village. After traveling to find her he defeats Mr. Carpainter, the leader of the cult, and turns the valley back to normal. Paula was then freed and the second sanctuary, found. The two then travel to Threed with the help of a band called the Runaway Five. The town of Threed has been over run by zombies and ghosts. After being captured themselves by the zombies, Paula calls out telepathically to Jeff, one of the chosen four. He arrives via the Sky Runner and frees them from their prison. After traveling to Saturn Valley, which is inhabited by Mr. Saturns, they free the enslaved Mr. Saturns and the city of Threed from Master Belch. They also discover the third sanctuary.

Ness, Paula and Jeff now head to Fourside. They help the Runaway Five get out of debt once again and go to the department store only to have Paula kidnapped by aliens. After discovering and destroying the alternate dimension called Moonside, they manage to destroy the Mani-Mani Statue and make their way up to the top floor of the Monotoli Building to rescue Paula.

The three now leave to go to Threed to fix the Sky Runner to fly back to Winters. Once there, they find the fourth sanctuary and then travel to Summers. After arriving in Summers, Ness eats a magical cake that gave him a very vivid dream of Prince Poo of Dalaam, the 4th and final chosen one completing his Mu Training and teleporting to Summers.

They now head back to Fourside to get the fifth Sanctuary and then teleport to Dalaam to find the sixth sanctuary. After clearing the dungeon they head back to Summers to go to Scaraba. After obtaining the Hawk Eye in a pyramid, they get the help of Dungeon Man and take a yellow submarine to Deep Darkness. They maneuver through the swamp and soon learn that the Tenda Village needs to overcome their shyness by reading a book possessed by Apple Kid, who was incidentally kidnapped. They track Apple Kid down into the Stonehenge base and destroy the Starman DX at the end and free Apple Kid along with many others. After receiving the book Ness and co. travel back to Tenda Village and give the book to the chief who then helps the others over come their shyness.

The Tenda then help Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo descend into The Lost Underworld and find the seventh sanctuary. After obtaining the 7th melody they explore the Lost Underworld and find the last sanctuary at a volcano. Ness then strings the 8 melodies together to enter Magicant. After exploring Magicant Ness learns how to overcome his evil side (by fighting Ness' Nightmare) and gains the immense power of the Earth to aid him against Giygas. With the help of Jeff's father, Dr. Andonuts and the Mr. Saturns, they manage to warp back in time to defeat Giygas once and for all, despite some unwanted help that supported Giygas.

[edit] Mother 1+2

When Mother 1+2 was released, the new version contained the same game but without any glitches the original game had. For example, if you were to defeat only ONE Shattered Man enemy in the Summers Museum, beat the game, come back, and die, the game would crash. This was fixed in the remake.

[edit] Virtual Console

After being bombarded by fans, Nintendo finally admitted that Mother 2 (Earthbound) will NOT come to the Wii's Virtual Console because of its musical and cultural references, they are afraid they will get in legal trouble. However, the game eventually was released on the Wii-U Virtual Console on July 18th, 2013 with a full digitized version of the player's guide.

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