Monotoli Building

Ness standing in front of the Monotoli Building in Mother 2.

The Monotoli Building is a skyscraper located in Fourside that is owned by Geldegarde Monotoli. It is the base of operations for Mr. Monotoli, and it is home to Pokey Minch and his father, Aloysius Minch, who both live on the 47th floor.

[edit] Before the Monkey Caves

On your first visit to the Monotoli Building before visiting the Monkey Caves, you will only be allowed to go to the 47th floor using Pokey's elevator. When you make it there, Pokey will just act snobby towards you, then insult you and have his bodyguards kick you out of his room. The bodyguards then tell you not to come back after you leave.

[edit] After the Monkey Caves

On your second visit, after completing the Monkey Caves and giving the Gourmet Yogurt Machine to Electra, Ness and Jeff will be allowed access to the 48th floor, by first taking Pokey's elevator to the 47th floor and then using Monotoli's elevator to go up the extra floor. Upon first entering the floor, Ness and Jeff will encounter many Sentry Robots, and the Clumsy Robot which appears right outside of Monotoli's room. After defeating the Clumsy Robot with the help of The Runaway Five, Ness and Jeff finally meet Monotoli, and he automatically gives up Paula, and apologizes for kidnapping her. He claims that he was under the influence of the Mani Mani Statue, and in return for his behavior, he lets the three of them use his helicopter to take them to Summers. As they make there way outside, however, the helicopter starts moving, and Pokey is revealed to have taken it. He insults Ness, then takes off with it. The Runaway five then offer to give Ness, Paula, and Jeff a ride to Threed where they can use the now-repaired Sky Runner.

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