Mole Playing Rough

The Mole Playing Rough is a creature in Earthbound that is located in Lilliput Steps. It is very strong if you are fighting it alone, but if you have another member on your party, it will go down easily.

[edit] Battle

Sometimes this monster will get dizzy because of one of it's abilities. This is actually called Feeling Strange, but it makes the enemy miss most of the time. It does about 12-20 damage, which is not good for low-leveled players. It is weak to any version of PSI Freeze, and will die quickly. It's defense is low, but attack is high.

[edit] Appearance

This monster looks like a normal mole, but when you see it in battle, it looks like a dog-mole combination. It's paws are up to it's chest, and it's nose is red and scrunched.

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