Magicant is the world of dreams, found in both Mother 1 and Mother 2.

[edit] Mother 1

[edit] Mother 2

In Mother 2, Magicant is Ness' dream world. It is a world in his subconscious. Inside the world, he finds people in his life, including his mother, Picky Minch, Master Belch, and others. The Star Master is Ness' guide to Magicant, explaining everything about it. Here, Ness can also buy items.

Magicant is where Ness confronts his nightmare, that takes on the form of the evil Mani Mani Statue. After the statue is defeated, Ness learns all the PSI he can, and Magicant falls apart.

There are few enemies in Magicant, and most of them are easy to beat. The Kraken is found in the Sea of Eden, where the Mani Mani Statue resides.

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