Place of BirthTazmily Village
Age9 (beginning of game), 12
FamilyClaus (Twin brother), Flint (Father), Hinawa (Mother), Alec (Grandfather)
WeaponSticks and a Yo-Yo
AppearancesMother 3
Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Lucas is the main character, and protagonist of Mother 3. He is the youngest son of Flint and Hinawa, as well as the twin brother to Claus. He is one of the two beings able to pull the Seven Needles from their resting places, due to his ability to use the powerful PK Love.


[edit] Personality

Lucas is the complete opposite of his older brother, Claus. He is a crybaby (something that is remarked a lot throughout the game), he is timid, and was very close with his family, as shown by the impact on him when a certain incident occurred. Later on in the game, Lucas ends up becoming determined and strong, similar to Claus.

[edit] Biography


Lucas is first seen sleeping in the house of his grandfather, Alec, when Claus wakes him up. After getting changed after obeying Hinawa, he goes out with Claus and plays with the Dragos. He and Claus then face off against a Mole Cricket that appears shortly after.

While some trouble appears off-screen, Flint finds Lucas and Claus with the help of the villagers from Tazmily Village. They were said to have fallen into a river, after their mother had been killed by a Mecha Drago.

Lucas is later seen crying at Hinawa's grave, running off after Alec calls him a fool for letting Claus go on his own to try and kill the Drago that killed their mother.

Lucas isn't seen until the end of Chapter 3, when the Dragos assist him in warding off Fassad and members of the Pigmask Army. Afterwards, you will go on a long journey with Duster, Kumatora, and Boney, and will meet many different and odd characters throughout the game, while also gaining different PSI abilities.

[edit] Outside of Motherbound

[edit] Super Smash Bros. Series

Lucas, like Ness, appeared in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. He was able to use some of his PSI Powers from Mother 3, and one he never learned in Mother 3. Lucas later appeared as a DLC character in Smash Bros for 3DS/WiiU.

[edit] PSI Abilities

Name PP Cost Level Learned Type
PK Love α 10 Event Offensive/Special
PK Love β 20 Event Offensive/Special
PK Love γ 35 Event Offensive/Special
PK Love Ω 50 Event Offensive/Special
PK Flash 12 Event Offensive/Special
Lifeup α 5 Default Healing
Lifeup β 9 17 Healing
Lifeup γ 16 43 Healing
Lifeup Ω 28 50 Healing
Refresh 20 58 Healing
Healing α 4 Default Healing
Healing β 8 25 Healing
Healing γ 18 39 Healing
Healing Ω 30 56 Healing
Offense Up α 6 14 Support
Offense Up Ω 18 36 Support
Defense Up α 6 17 Support
Defense Up Ω 18 30 Support
Counter α 12 27 Support
Counter Ω 28 51 Support
PSI Counter α 18 33 Support
PSI Counter Ω 34 53 Support
Shield α 6 22 Support
Shield Ω 18 35 Support
PSI Shield α 8 28 Support
PSI Shield Ω 20 45 Support

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