Locria is the seventh Magypsy. He guards the last needle that binds the Dark Dragon's head.

[edit] Biography

Locria is a traitor to the Magypsy. He betrayed the story of the Seven Needles to Porky, and also revealed the locations. He has had no contact with the other 6 Magypsies for a while. The other Magypsies are unable to determine where Locria is, or where his needle is located. In the end, Ionia is able to locate the needle. It is buried underneath New Pork City.

[edit] Fassad?

There are many hints that Locria is actually Fassad, the mysterious peddler. A few hints make this almost certain:

  • Fassad's name is a pun on Facade, meaning fake, or hiding.
  • Locria betrayed the Magypsies and joined the Pigmasks to help Porky.. Fassad is a high-ranking member of the army.
  • When New Fassad and Miracle Fassad first appear, before the battle, the song he plays is the same as the music played in the background whenever one enters a Magypsy house.
  • A mouse near Locria's house says that Fassad had a sort of Nwehehehe laugh, and was hardly seen as a good person by many. Fassad is a cruel person, and also has the exact same laugh.

At this Mouse's statement, You can hardly not feel guilty about killing him in the sewers.

  • Items of interest in Locria's house include the same turban and vest Fassad has, as well as crates of luxury bananas, a favourite of Fassad's.
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