Lifeup is a PSI Spell that is used in all the Mother games.

[edit] Use

Lifeup, as it's name implies, restores HP. The amount of HP recovered depends on the character's IQ stat, as well as the type of Lifeup used. For example, Lifeup α, increases HP by a small amount, usually below 100 HP. Lifeup Ω, however, restores an incredible amount of HP to the party, and in Mother 3, it restores the entire parties HP. Lifeup is the only HP healing spell in the game, and is usually one of, if not, the first PSI learned by characters. This is also a default move for some of the characters.

[edit] Users

Ninten - All forms
Ana - β and up.
Ness - All forms
Lucas - All forms
Kumatora - α and β.
Poo - All forms

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