Leder is an unusually tall man that resides in Tazmily Village. He rings the bell, and chooses to be mute.

[edit] Appearance

Leder wears a small, black hat. He wears a black suit and black pants and shoes, as well as glasses. He is taller than the bell he rings.

[edit] Story

In Chapter 8, Leder tells Lucas and party the story of the Nowhere Islands. He explains that due to the residents of the village taking the world for granted, everything besides the islands was destroyed. The residents sailed to the Nowhere Islands on a white ship, like a fairy tale. Everyone except Leder erased their memories, and lived a normal life. That explains why no one in Tazmily was able to speak of anything more than 100 years ago. He also explains that Locria told the story of the Seven Needles to Porky, who decided to find a way to pull the needles. Leder gives the party a stink bug that is able to recount the story.

It seems the people of Tazmilly are survivors from Eagleland, Ness' Country.

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