Place of BirthOsohe Castle
AgeMid Teens
FamilyMagypsy Ionia - Foster Parent. King and Queen Osohe - Parents
Appears inMother 3

Kumatora is a violent, trash-talking young girl with amazing PSI abilities. She is the Princess of Osohe Castle. Her name literally means "Bear-Tiger".

[edit] Backstory

One day, Kumatora is found in the Osohe Castle by Duster and Wess while they are searching for a legendary item. She was raised by the Magypsy Ionia. 3 Years Later, she goes on a journey with Lucas, Duster and Boney to get the Seven Needles and defeat the Masked Man and Porky. They first find out about the plot when they return to Tazmily Village. When Lucas meets her older form, Violet (Or in Japanese, Yoshi-Koshi), it is in Club Titiboo.

[edit] Abilities

Kumatora has a wide array of PSI, Just like Paula in EarthBound. But unlike her, Kumatora also learns PK Starstorm. She uses Gloves to attack, but how is a mystery. She also learns moves like PK Fire, PK Thunder, and PK Freeze for other attacking moves. Her strongest attacks are PK Starstorm and PK Ground and she is the only character in the entire series to learn the latter.

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