Instant Revitalizing Capsules

The Instant Revitalizing Capsule, or IRC, does exactly what it's name suggest. It will heal you of all statuses, and bring your HP and PP to maximum. They are mainly used by the Pigmasks, so they can only be found in their bases. In Earthbound, the IRCs will only appear in Dr. Andonut's Lab. This one has the exact same effects as the ones in Mother 3, but it looks a little bit older.

[edit] Appearances

This item makes its first appearance in Earthbound, then once again in Mother 3.

[edit] Origin

This machine was created by Dr. Andonuts. It was "modified" for Porky. To be more specific, the Pigmasks slapped a pig nose sticker on the front. Nothing else was changed, except for a few graphic enhancements. The use never changed.

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