Hypnosis is a PSI spell that is used in every Mother game. As it's name implies, it is used to put one, or all enemies to sleep.

[edit] Mother 1

Ninten is the sole user of Hypnosis. The two forms, alpha and omega, puts one and all enemies to sleep respectively.

[edit] Mother 2

Ness learns Hypnosis α and Hypnosis Ω. Alpha puts one enemy to sleep, and Omega, all. The spell rarely has success, working mostly on enemies who are open to Hypnosis and sleep, such as the Mini Barfs.

[edit] Mother 3

Lucas learns Hypnosis, both forms. (Alpha and omega) It's use is the same as in Earthbound, mostly working on enemies who are weak to sleep.

A similar item is Duster's Hypno Pendulum, although Hypnosis has a higher success rate.

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