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The goal on Mother.neo is to make all of the enemy pages look like the good looking page. Note: This Help Page is to guide you when you are making a Mother 3 Enemy page.


[edit] Infoboxes

The page will definitely need an infobox. It should include the enemies Level, Health, PP, Attack, Defense, IQ, Speed, Exp. Gained, DP Gained and what it drops. This allows the people who look at the NeoWiki to get information that they need on the enemy quickly. An infobox requires you to have a Title, Image and Imagecaption.

For the title, put the name of the monster. The image is a picture of the monster, taken from the game itself. The Imagecaption is a brief description of the monster, preferably 5-10 words. This allows other members to figure out what exactly this monster is, and what they should look out for on the Overworld.

[edit] Images

To get an image, you're going to have to take it from the game itself. It is recommended that you find one without a background, that is clear and is small enough to work well inside of the infobox. If you want an image to fit, you're definitely going to want to take it from the game itself. You can find images like this on Spriters-Resource, where they have ripped most of the images from the games themselves.

[edit] Content

Make sure that the content in the infobox is true. We wouldn't want the members who read it to be lied to, would we? It also helps if it is organized neatly, with proper spelling and capitalization. This includes the Title, Imagecaption and all of the Labels/Data.

[edit] Infobox Help

Check this page out if you want to know how to use it. If you have any other questions about it, go to the Discussion Page for either the Template or this Help Page!

[edit] What other information should go on the pages?

Well, you're going to want quality information. This includes their appearances (what games they're found in), their weaknesses and their strengths. It helps if this is organized. If it has proper spelling and capitalization, it should be easy to view, and not eye straining.

[edit] Other things to remember

-Always give a Category at the bottom
-Give correct organization