Healing is a recurring PSI spell in all the Mother games. It's main purpose is to heal status ailments.

[edit] Mother 1

Ninten and Ana both learn Healing. They are both able to utilize all forms of Healing, including SuprHealing. Each level of Healing (five levels) cures one status ailment, with SuprHealing curing incapacitation.

[edit] Mother 2

Ness and Poo both learn Healing. Ness is able to learn alpha to gamma, while Poo learns all four forms. Each next form adds more ailments available for curing. For example, Healing β heals all the status ailments Healing α does and more.

[edit] Mother 3

Lucas and Kumatora both learn Healing. Lucas uses all four forms, while Kumatora only uses alpha. Omega is the most efficient of all Healings, even in other games, as it cures all status ailments for the entire party.

The omega forms of healing in Mother 2 and 3 are comparable to Cup of Lifenoodles

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