Happy Box

Happy Box

Happy Boxes are like little glowing TVs. They are all pink, and are used to hypnotize people. Fassad gives them out to any villagers who want them, and has Salsa actually deliver them. They are given out in Tazmily Village. Only 4 people order them in the beginning, but three people get them, as two of them were married. 3 years later, almost everyone in the village has one Happy Box, and some people will not stop watching them. It is unknown if they are TVs, computers, or whatever, but they are mostly referred to as TVs.

Shigesato Itoi Said that T.Vs aren't what he was going for when he thought of the Happy Boxes.

[edit] Appearances

Happy Boxes only appear in Tazmily Village in Mother 3. They come from Fassad, who is a servant of Porky, and he uses them to get the people under Porky's control. Anyone that doesn't have a happy box, or does something to a happy box, they, or their house is hit by lightning. An example is Reggie's tent, Lucas and Flint's barn, and a dog that peed on a happy box.

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