Gourmet Yogurt Machine

The Gourmet Yogurt Machine also known as the Yogurt Dispenser is an item in EarthBound. It was invented by Apple Kid, and it only dispenses trout-flavored yogurt. Coincidentally, Electra, Mr. Monotoli's maid, is looking for trout flavored yogurt when you first meet her. Apple Kid ships the gourmet Yogurt Machine to Ness through the neglected class, and the man who is supposed to deliver it from the Escargo Express loses it in Monkey Cave. After making their way through Monkey Cave, Talah Rama gives Ness and his friends the Gourmet Yogurt Machine. Electra is then waiting outside of the Monotoli Building, and she asks Ness for the Gourmet Yogurt Machine so she can serve trout-flavored yogurt to an "important guest" on the 48th floor.

Jeff can use the Gourmet Yogurt Machine in battle, and it deals 1 HP of damage to a random enemy when it is used.

[edit] In-Game Description

Items for Jeff. Invented by Apple Kid. If used during combat, some damage will be dealt to the enemy, Though it's not understood why this happens... it's just yogurt after all... Can be used many times.

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