Gourmet Yogurt Dispenser

Gourmet Yogurt Dispenser is a key item in Earthbound. It obviously makes Yogurt.

[edit] Appearance in games

Once Ness and Jeff Andonuts escape from Moonside, Apple Kid calls Ness on his Receiver Phone and says he's sending them a Gourmet Yogurt Dispenser. It can only make Trout Yogurt at the moment, and is being sent via Escargo Express' neglected class. Once Ness and Jeff go outside, three people talk to them: a teleporting monkey, a maid for Geldegarde Monotoli and a delivery boy from Escargo Express. He says he forgot the dispenser in the Dusty Dunes Desert. He tells the duo to get the machine since it's theirs. Reluctant, they go and get it.

Talah Rama finds the dispenser and gives it to Ness once they meet him. Ness and Jeff head for the Monotoli Building, using the dispenser to meet with Monotoli. The maid takes the dispenser, and if she is met in her room, she'll give the cast Trout Yogurt. Besides that, the dispenser has no other purpose.

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