Giant Antlion

The Giant Antlions are enemies in the Death Desert in Mother 3. They are fairly strong, but you can always use a can of Bug Spray that is found in the desert. This is their weakness.

[edit] Appearance

The Giant Antlions look like ants and cockroaches mixed together than thrown into quicksand. On the World Map, they will only appear as a pool of sand. When you go up to this sand however, they will attack you. They have high defense and attack, so they are like a mini-boss if Salsa is underleveled. Then, use a can of Bug Spray, and they will be dead automatically. They don't give much EXP, but they are good if you are grinding.

One of the Giant Antlions captures a Save Frog. Defeating the Antlion saves the frog, so you can save your file.

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