Franklin Badge

The Franklin Badge

The Franklin Badge is a regular item in the Mother Series. It reflects lightning.

[edit] Mother 1

In Mother 1, it only reflects PSI Beam γ, but there are two Franklin Badges in the game. One from Pippi and one found in a giftbox in Duncan Factory. It doesn't need to be equipped, and it will protect the one that has it in their inventory.

[edit] EarthBound/Mother 2

The Franklin Badge in Mother 2 reflects all lightning-based attacks, like PSI Thunder and "crashing boom bang" attacks. You get only one from Paula though, so give it to your weakest character or Ness if he's alone. Like in Mother, it just needs to be in the character's inventory to take effect.

[edit] Mother 3

Later in the game, Nippolyte says he has something for you from Flint. He'll give you the Courage Badge. At that stage, the item is useless. Soon In Saturn Valley, a Mr. Saturn will borrow it from you, promising to clean it. When you talk to Ionia at his/her house, a Saturn in disguise will be waiting outside the house. He gives you the Franklin badge. It is more important in Mother 3 than the other games, for it reflected the Masked Man's lightning attacks, and all other lightning attacks. Sadly, since it's a key item it can only defaultly protect Lucas.

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