Fourside is the last numbered town in Eagleland. It appears only in Earthbound.

[edit] Appearance

Fourside is a diamond-shaped town with lots of buildings and enemies inside. It is east of Threed, past the desert and Gold Mine. Buildings of importance include the Monotoli Building, the Department Store, Jackie's Cafe and the Dinosaur Museum. There is an opposite version of Fourside called Moonside.

[edit] Importance in Story

Ness, Paula Polestar and Jeff Andonuts first appear in Fourside after crossing the desert, once Threed is freed from it's zombie infestation. They learn that the Runaway Five are once again deep in debt, and this time owing one million dollars. They enter the Monotoli Building, only to find Pokey Minch, who kicks them out of the building. They decide to free the Runaway Five by finding a large diamond in the Gold Mines.

The department store is now open. Ness and company do some shopping, but at the end, before they manage to leave, something grabs Paula, forcing Ness and Jeff to venture to the top floor and find her. Once they do, the creature, an alien, says that Paula was taken by Geldegarde Monotoli. The duo defeat the alien, and leave to try and find her.

The duo enters Jackie's Cafe and speak to one of the people inside, she mentions a commotion outside, and Ness finds Mr. Everdred from Burglin Park. He tells Ness to look behind the counter of Jackie's Cafe. Once they do, the enter the mysterious town of Moonside.

Once freed from Moonside, Ness gets a call from Apple Kid. He says he made a Trout Yogurt Dispenser, and was given to Escargo Express's neglected class. A woman overhears the conversation and asks Ness for some Trout Yogurt for Monotoli. After she leaves, a member of Escargo Express appears and says he lost the machine in the desert. Ness and company head for the desert.

Once the dispenser is found, Ness and Jeff enter the Monotoli Building, facing off against security guards. In the end, they find themselves at a loss against a near-invincible robot. The Runaway Five appear and switch off the machine, allowing Ness and Jeff to rescue Paula. Once they do, Monotoli gives them his helicopter to get to Summers. As they approach it, they find Pokey already flying away with the machine. They leave for another way to get to Summers.

Once their task in Summers is done, with Poo in tow, they are able to return to Fourside after hearing the news of an incredible area beneath Fourside. The cast decides to investigate, and they enter the sewers, finding the fifth Your Sanctuary, Magnet Hill. Once this area is complete, Fourside plays no other important role in the game.

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