Forlorn Junk Heap

The Forlorn Junk Heap is a Clayman that has been thrown into the Clayman section of the Garbage Dump after having worked too hard. While it is there, most other pieces of trash get merged with the FJH, which brings it back to life due to radiation.

[edit] How to Fight

After you have beaten the Fierce Pork Trooper for the first time, you will have to go further into the Garbage Dump, and obtain the Hummingbird Egg. Once you get there, you will find the Egg. After you obtain it, the FJH will jump up and attack you.

[edit] Strategies

This is just a stronger Clayman. His main strategy will be to always attack you head on. When he does, it will deal about 90 damage. Like the other Clayman, he can be held down by Duster's Wall Staples, which will stop him from moving for about two - three turns. All he really does is attack, and sometimes he'll get really angry and use his Attack Up. Since Duster is only useful for Wall Staples in this battle, that's when you'll want to use them. It'll attach pieces of trash to itself in order to heal itself. When he does this, his HP will go up by a large amount. Usually somewhere around 400-500 HP.. Use PK Fire so it can catch on fire and take damage each turn. Lucas should increase everyone's defense, and Boney should use any attacking items, or just attack.

[edit] Appearances

The Forlorn Junk Heap only appears in Mother 3.

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