Foppys are some of the easiest enemies found in Earthbound only. They generally have low HP and other stats, but they attack in groups.

[edit] Appearance

Foppys appear as fruit with legs. They are generally egg-shaped on it's side, with legs sprouting out of the bottom.

[edit] In battle

They have trouble focusing, as shown when they aren't able to use PSI properly, mostly PSI Magnet and Brainshock. They attack in either a single enemy, or a group of six. They can easily be defeated with a PSI Fire or a PSI Rockin. The low versions, such as PSI Fire β can take out most Foppys in one hit, as can PSI Rockin β. Later versions of Foppys can be defeated with the PSI Rockin β/γ, or PSI Fire β/γ. Poo shouldn't have to use PSI Starstorm to defeat Foppys.

They first appear in Master Belch's factory, ganging up on Ness, Paula Polestar and Jeff Andonuts while they try and rescue the Mr. Saturns trapped in the factory.

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