Fierce Pork Trooper

Fierceporktrooper.png Fierceporktrooper2.png The Fierce Pork Trooper (Known as "Scary Womanizing Pigmask" Before translation) is a high-ranking member of the Pigmask Army. He is shown to be a huge DCMC fan.

[edit] Appearances

The Fierce Pork Trooper first appears in Club Titiboo, watching the DCMC concert. He does nothing in the concert. You cannot fight him yet.

He first becomes an enemy when Lucas is chasing after the Hummingbird Egg with Kumatora, Duster, and Boney. He sees what the other Pigmasks didn't: Lucas isn't the Masked Man. He engages in battle with the party afterwards. He is weak to DCMC items, which cause him to stop and be jealous, preventing him from attacking for a time. Using this, he is easily defeatable. If you use the DCMC Boxers Duster comes with, you can get a few disturbing mental images as a result.

He later appears in Thunder Tower, this time, stronger. He is still weak to DCMC merchandise, so this can still make an easy fight. The same boxers trick still works. After this battle, Fassad appears and chases down Lucas and company.

The Fierce Pork Trooper appears for the last time in the last DCMC concert in Chapter 8. He doesn't fight the party, instead saying that they can both enjoy the concert as DCMC fans. This marks the Trooper's last appearance. Once the black-out occurs, talk to him and he'll say he'll beat up whoever caused this to happen. Porky cut the electricity for a reason: you. So irony all around.

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