Fassad is the mysterious peddler that changes Tazmily Village from a simple town to one of technology.

[edit] Biography

Fassad can first be seen in Chapter 1, when Flint escapes from jail. If you go to Butch, a resident of Tazmily's farm, you can see Fassad making a deal with him. This is Fassad's first appearance, but it is an optional one.

Fassad next appears in Chapter 2, when Duster heads towards Osohe Castle. He makes a small appearance, and leaves shortly after.

Fassad's first major appearance is in Chapter 3. He is seen in Death Desert with Salsa, shocking him and fighting with him in battles. Fassad helps Salsa defeat the Cactus Wolf, and moves on to Tazmily Village. There, he talks about happiness, and has Salsa give some of the villagers Happy Boxes. He leaves with Salsa to Osohe Castle, and ends up helping Wess, Kumatora and Duster to escape with the Hummingbird Egg.

After Kumatora and Wess help free Salsa, Fassad appears and chases them down, sending a Pork Tank after them. Lucas appears, and a Drago knocks Fassad away.

Fassad is seen three years later, still in Tazmily Village, after the age of technology. Wess yells at him for continuing to make Tazmily Village worse than it is. He continues giving speeches about happiness.

Fassad isn't seen until Thunder Tower. When the Fierce Pork Trooper fights against Lucas and company, Fassad appears after the fight and tries to apprehend Lucas. The party escapes to the top of Thunder Tower, and Fassad traps them there. He eats a Luxury Banana, and throws the peel on the tower. He later slips off it, and is assumed to be dead.

Assumptions are incorrect when he appears at Fire Mountain, and attacks Lucas' team before he is able to pull the needle. This time, Fassad has a jet pack, and has trumpets replacing his mouth. His translator speaks for him now.

After Fassad is defeated, he flees, and isn't seen until Chapter 8. This time, he fights Lucas again, and has even more trumpets. After he is defeated, he falls into the sewers, and doesn't rise again.

[edit] Secret

Fassad is heavily implied to be Locria, the seventh Magypsy. For example, when Fassad appears with trumpets, as New Fassad, the theme the trumpets play is the same as the background music played in a Magypsy's house. Also, in New Pork City, the last Magypsy's house is seen in one of the higher floors. A mouse on the floor says that Locria was usually mean, and had a Nwehehehe laugh, the same as Fassad's. Also, inside the house, Fassad's turban and vest can be found, as well as piles of Luxury Bananas, a favourite of Fassads. Another clue is that he is able to use PSI, a skill usually known by only the Magypsy and their pupils, such as Claus, Lucas, and Kumatora.

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