Eight Melodies

The Eight Melodies is the song Maria sang to Giygas when he was baby. There are two variations of it, both in different games.

[edit] Mother

The Eight Melodies in this game is believed to be the true Eight Melodies. There are eight tasks that must be done in order to find them all. After each task is completed, an object that involved the task will play the melody it holds. There are eight holders:

1. A doll in Mimmie's room.
2. A canary in the Canary Village.
3. A monkey in the zoo.
4. A piano in a haunted house.
5. A talking cactus in the desert.
6. After fighting the dragon in the maze near Magicant
7. A destroyed ally robot(EVE).
8. A headstone on the top of Mt. Itoi(George's spirit gives it).

[edit] Mother 2

In this game, the Eight Melodies are called Smiles and Tears. The variation is different, but there are still eight parts to this melody. Unlike Mother 1, these are hard to miss, as they are found at the end of caves with a shining glow at the end of them. After the shine, which becomes a powerful enemy, is defeated, Ness and company enter the Your Sanctuary, which depends on the location. The Sound Stone records the melody.

[edit] Use

The only real use the melodies have in the games is to weaken Giygas. This allows him to be defeated by the cast.

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