Duster is one of Lucas' allies, and the oldest human in the group. His only known family is his father, Wess.

Place of BirthTazmily Village
AgeUnknown, but in adulthood
FamilyFather Wess
Abilities/SkillsThief Skills
Appears inMother 3

[edit] Story

Duster is a man who was taught by his father, Wess from an early age to become a thief. During his training his father pushed Duster too hard and caused his left leg to become disabled but yet is still able to walk and fight just fine. After helping find the Humming Bird Egg in Osohe Castle he loses his memory and finds himself playing in a band at Club Titiboo called DCMC as their bassist. He is then found by Kumatora and then leaves the band to regain his memories and find the Hummingbird Egg once again.

In the last chapter of Mother 3, Duster temporarily reunites with DCMC for one last concert performance.

[edit] Abilities

Duster has no PP for PSI but is able to utilize his Thief Tools to weaken the enemy. These include:

Wall Staples which can be used in or out of battle. Out of battle they can be used to scale certain walls. In battle they may immobilize enemies for two turns.
Tickle Stick - Can be used in battle to lower the defense of the enemy. It can only lower the defense two to three times, but if the enemy's defense is raised, the Stick can be used again.
Scary Mask- Can be used in battle to lower offense. Same rules for the Tickle Stick apply to the Scary Mask.
Siren Beetle - Can be used in battle to cause the enemy to turn around. It also wakes up all sleeping enemies.
Smoke Bomb - Can be used in battle to make the enemy cry. It has a lower success rate than PK Flash
Hypno Pendulum - Can be used in battle to make the enemy fall asleep. When asleep the enemy's heartbeat can be heard. Similar to the Smoke Bomb, is has a lower success rate than Hypnosis α

Duster obtains these tools at the beginning of Chapter 2, from his father, Wess.

His weapons are his boots. A notable trait of his is his speed and Strength, third highest of the normally available playable characters (Next to Salsa and Boney for speed Lucas and Flint for strength), and the ability to "Attack with blinding speed" when an enemy sneaks up behind the party. He can also flip the enemy around when the party is snuck up on, but as with the attack, this happens occasionally.

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