A Drago, as it appears in Mother 3.
The Drago is a creature that resembles the T-Rex. They live in Drago Plateau, and have not been known to be very harmful. In fact, Claus and Lucas start playing with them at the beginning of the game, and they do nothing.

[edit] Appearances

Mother 3 is the only game that a Drago has ever appeared in. They show up during the Prologue when you are playing with them, they show up in Chapter 1 while you are fighting the Mecha Drago and when a baby Drago appears. They appear once again during Chapter 3, when they attack Fassad and the other Pigmasks after Lucas brings them to the Sunshine Forest to save Wess, Kumatora, and Salsa. Afterwards, they are mentioned a few times when Kumatora and Lucas are talking, Finally one can be found in the freezer section of the Chimera Laboratory after that they are never seen again.

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